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Problems: Itching, Blackened Elephant Skin, Yeast Infection

We had tried all the vet recommendations, from prescription food, daily baths, steroids, etc. Nothing worked for her blackened skin, itching & other symptoms. We thought we were going to have to put her down

Finally, a co-worker had recommended your Healthy Skin Kit, as they’d had a dog with the yeast issue.

After changing her food, based off your recommendations, and using the Healthy Skin Kit, within a week the scratching and licking was reduced and within 4 weeks we saw hair returning. Hair under her neck is still missing due to scar tissue from scratching.

Attached are the before and after pictures covering about 4 mo. We continue to use your  products today and are happy to report Sophie still looks great and has no issues.

As with Before and After images above, below we have 1 before image, and 2 ‘after’ images – once Sophie was mostly recovered. Click an image to see Larger version. 

Mark and Kelly Stevens
South Bend, Indiana

Products Used to Support Sophie’s Recovery

large skin kit

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