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Sam’s Issues: Hot Spots, Skin Problems

July 14, 2001. We are the owners of one of the most beautiful Golden Retrievers that God has ever made. He is four years old and every time we take him out in public we get congratulatory remarks from strangers on what a gorgeous dog he is.sam with no more hot spots

The breed are somewhat delicate creatures and subject to a variety of ailments and diseases such as dysplasia, cancers, vision problems and Sam was no exception. For the first two years of life he had terrible skin problems (hot spots) which caused him a great deal of discomfort and, for us, considerable expense.

We heard Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats advertised on the radio (KRLA’s George Putnam) so we tried it! Ever since we have made Nzymes® part of Sam’s daily routine, he has been hot-spot free and his blonde coat literally glows. Sam is a much happier dog thanks to Nzymes® and your advice. We wanted to tell you, just like George said in the commercial, “We’re Convinced!”

Linda Arndt suggested we change dog food, which opened our eyes. So we changed from the well-advertised, corn-based Science Diet to the more expensive but far superior food (holistic formula). Now, I’ve shared Sam’s food with my daughter-in-law, who was also using Hill’s Science Diet and she too cannot believe the difference as well.

We know that proper diet coupled with daily strenuous exercise reinforced by a daily Nzymes® tablet keeps Sam out of the Vet’s office and will insure him a long life. Even his Vet asked us what we did to make his coat and muscle development so outstanding. My son owns one of Sam’s brothers and we have converted them to Nzymes® as well. We have recently moved to Nevada where everybody owns dogs and horses. Whenever we can, we preach the virtues of Nzymes® because we really love animals.

Update: February, 18, 2003
Well finally, here are the photos of Sam. These Photos were taken at the mall while we were out shopping. The photographer was so overwhelmed at Sam’s appearance that he asked us to stop and pose for him. His great health and beautiful coat is fully the result of a daily regime of good diet, plenty of exercise and two Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats.

There is NO Way to tell you how thankful Jack and I are thanks to Nzymes®. I should say mostly me, because when Sam was unhappy so was my husband and this really does means so much in my life. We give our unqualified endorsement to your product!

Nancy and Jack Reed – Dayton, NV

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