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Great Dane Dog – and Puppy Acne Problems

When Bacchus, our Great Dane puppy, was a few months old he had puppy pimples. It really wasn’t too bad in the beginning. But, as he got bacchus1older it just got worse. He was covered from head to toe!! It was so bad; you could not even touch his back. My husband and I tried so many different vitamins and all natural supplements. We even tried different shampoos. Nothing seemed to work.
Then our Breeder told us to contact  Nzymes.COM and to try using Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops. We thought we mixed up solution as suggested, but we had actually tripled the correct suggested mixture).

So we started Bacchus on the Ox-E-Drops. Unfortunately, at this same time we were leaving for our Honeymoon so before we left and had a friend watch Bacchus while we were gone. She continued to use the Ox-E-Drops solution on him with the “tripled-mixture” 3 times a day. When we got home two weeks later, our little boy (who is a black Great Dane) was now a little orange! But the puppy pimples was practically gone!!!! We could not believe it. We didn’t even care that his coat was sort of orange due to the bleaching effects of the solution. He really looked awesome. It was amazing. His coat returned to the natural color very quickly as you can see form the photos here.

I wish I would have known about Ox-E-Drops right from the beginning. Now, when we see a pimple, whether it is on the dog or on us, we use Ox-E-Drops. What a great product. Not only does Bacchus look incredible but now he has his beautiful black coat back!
We would recommend Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops to anyone. They are wonderful!!

Michael and Jeanne Naclerio – Levittown, NY



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