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shepherd dog with large papilloma after surgery

Obi Wan’s Mouth 3 Months After Surgery – Papilloma Growths Came Back and Spread All Over His Lips and Tongue


Obi Wan Struggles with Papilloma Growths 3 Months Post-Surgery

This was a very severe case of papilloma. The pictures I uploaded were the before, during, and after the treatment. How can I start this story?

Obi-Wan presented this Virus five months ago. We took him to the vet and they said that the papilloma will go away by itself. He got an operation to remove some of them because he had not been able to eat properly. The bad news was that the papilloma came back worse! Instead of solving the problem, it was now a bigger problem.

Nzymes Note: Quite often, the effort to remove the unsightly growths results in the eruption of new growths. The Cause of this condition is viral, the Symptoms are the ugly growths. Removing the symptoms does NOT remove the cause. The virus is still active until the dog’s immune system can overcome it. The Nzymes approach is to boost immune function and allow the dog’s natural capabilities to come into play against the root cause.

I Started Looking Online for Help

I did a lot of research about the papilloma virus and how to treat it, but nothing was convincing me, because the treatments that I was reading sounded so dangerous for my dog. This is going sound like a TV commercial, but it is true. I found this product on Google searching “papilloma growths in mouth”. At the beginning I was Skeptical because all the photos I was looking didn’t compare to the papilloma that Obi was presenting. Even still, I decided to give it a try.

COPV support kit

Obi Wan’s Progression using Papilloma Support Program

shepherd dog after 5 days growths shrinking

Side View Lip and Tongue Growths

shepherd dog after 5 days growths shrinking

Mouth Growths After 5 Days


Chin View After 9 Days

shepherd dog after 11 days growths almost gone

Front View After 11 Days

This was the best decision I ever made. After only five days of treatment I was able to see the regression of the growths. My husband was always telling me, “you are over-reacting, he looks the same”, but I was noticing the change, and it was really happening! After 10 days on the program, he looked way, way better. After a month, he didn’t have anything, not even in his genitals. Yes, I forgot to mention he had the warts in his genitals as well.

shepherd dog after 5 days growths alomost gone

Obi-Wan’s Papillomas After 20 Days Following Nzymes Papilloma Support Program

Papilloma Growths in Mouth Almost Gone in 20 Days.

This program works believe it or not. We are so grateful that we found the Nzymes products. We are going to be eternally thankful. Obi Wan is now a happy and playful puppy again thanks to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Christina H – Los Angeles, CA.

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Obi Wan says…

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