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Problem: Canine Papilloma Oral Warts

duke & papilloma wart

Duke Before & After

These products have truly worked wonders!  Duke had just turned 2 when he began to develop ‘raisin’ size papilloma oral warts in and around his mouth. We immediately took him to our vet who sent us home with an antibiotic and a future follow-up appointment.  The warts grew, and grow they did, extremely fast! The second visit we were told about a surgical procedure to remove the warts, with an extremely high probability of the papilloma oral warts returning.  Again, we returned home with antibiotics.  Duke was sad, he was no longer allowed at daycare for fear of his warts being contagious.  We also stayed away from the dog beach and the dog park for the same reasons.

Dog beats Papilloma


Looking for Alternatives

dog wart on snout

Duke is a family dog and Duke does like to travel. Having family in Canada, we were unable to fly him out of the country because we needed medical clearance   At this point, the warts looked more like figs, not raisins.  It is remarkable how fast they grow in only a few weeks.  He began to have difficulty eating, and at times would like to try and ‘scratch’ them off.  He is a very large dog, so they would start to open and bleed, it was difficult to watch. Not to mention returning home and finding blood dripped throughout the house.

After spending hundreds (approx $800) on vet bills, I sought out some alternatives.  I began to learn that this is a problem that is prone to the Great Dane breed. Searching the internet, I saw the (Nzymes) stories of the other Great Dane, Duke and I began to communicate with the Great Dane Lady.

dog warts on lips
Dog with mouth warts

Skeptical at First

Frustrated and skeptical, I ordered the recommended and suggested Nzymes® products recommended, including the Ox-E-drops, Black-Leaf and the Antioxidant Treats (predecessor to the current Papilloma Support Kit shown below).

Papilloma Oral Warts Began Falling Off

It took just about 3 weeks, and what was previously close to a ‘golf ball size wart’ unbelievably began to fall off.  Within a month Duke had NO MORE WARTS!  He was back to traveling to the beach and park.

Warts gone from dog


Five months later.. we began to see warts reappearing. We re-ordered all the same products, were extremely diligent in tending to him, and within 2 to 3 weeks we were completely wart free.  I can only tell you so much, Duke’s pictures will speak volumes. Again I just want to THANK YOU for selling a product that has helped Duke and our family so much.  We will continue to recommend your NZYMES® products to other families and friends.

Nzymes NOTE:  As can be seen with the above paragraph, it is important to follow instructions to continue using the products for future months in order to finish the job that cannot be seen and further build immunity to future recurrence. And, a certain amount of product should be kept on hand should recurrence occur.

Casey / Darcy & Todd Ruhnke / Stewart, FL

Products Recommended for Papilloma Oral Warts

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