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Problem: Canine Oral Papilloma Warts

dog with mouth warts

Nasty Oral Growths

My young dog Darby developed growths in her mouth while attending Doggy Day Care. The vet said this was a relatively new condition that seems to be occurring in young dogs 1 to 2 years old – Canine Oral Papilloma Warts (Virus)
The vet said there was no cure or treatment and that it needed to simply run its course and it should go away within 1 to 6 months. I was given a dose of antibiotics for the dog because her mouth had been bleeding. The problem kept getting worse as the small ones got bigger and more developed throughout her mouth.

Found Nzymes’ Info on Oral Papilloma Warts Online

I began scouring the internet for information and I came across the Nzymes website. Although I was very skeptical about ordering a product from the internet, that my vet had not known about, I figured it was worth a shot to try to help with my poor dog’s suffering. I ordered the Products recommended and (got) Antioxidant Pet Treats as well (all necessary products are now contained in a New comprehensive Papilloma Support Kit, as seen below).

I began providing both products to Darby on 10-29 and by 11-1 the growths were already going away. My dog was completely better in less than a week! I took photos to document her progress and it is really amazing how quickly she got better.



Oral warts in dog


Papilloma Gone

I can’t believe veterinarians do not endorse this product for this problem. I plan to pass this story on to my vet and I hope she will inform others. If your dog has developed this issue then order the Nzymes® Papilloma Kit as soon as possible, I got my order the very next day. I am still amazed that she got better so fast.

Thank you (Nzymes), for developing this product, it worked wonders with my dog!

Holly Rogers – Henderson, NV

NOTE:  New users of the products and Program should make note that using the products as directed for additional months is recommended – to finish any remaining unseen job, as well as to build immunity against repeat issues.

Products Recommended for Canine Oral Papilloma Warts

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