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Problem: Oral Papilloma Wart

Biopsy Taken, Surgery Offered

My beagle puppy had a growth that started on the outside of his mouth. It grew bigger and bigger until it was the size and texture of a raspberry. The vet took a biopsy for $150.00 and said she wasn’t totally sure but it was “probably” not cancer or anything. For $900.00 she would remove it but could not be sure it would not come back. It grew until it almost dragged his lower lip down.

oral papilloma warts

Research Led Me to Nzymes

I found Nzymes® on the internet and studied the stories on oral papilloma warts and thought that the Ox-E-Drops and Antioxidant Treats would be a good place to start.

Cosmo, my puppy, also was having skin health problems on his under carriage and many ear condition problems. The vet wanted to put him on steroids. She sold me a special shampoo and ointment for his ears and even had me change his diet from holistic dog food to prescription dog food. I asked her about Nzymes® but she would not take the time to look the website up or to see if a more natural approach would be better for my puppy.

I Struck Out on My Own

Without her help, I went ahead and ordered the Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops and Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats. I applied the Ox-E-Drops and put a few drops in his water (bottled water). I changed back to a holistic dog food and without exaggeration, his growth was gone in about 2 1/2 weeks.

His itchiness seemed not to be a problem anymore either. I think nutrition can solve many problems and this time it solved Cosmo’s. I am thrilled that this worked and we avoided medications. It seems unfair that vets do not try to help animals the natural way first. I plan to always consult Nzymes.COM if we experience any issues in the future.

S. Vedder -Yorba Linda, CA

oral papilloma warts

Oral Papilloma Warts – Natural Support

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