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Facing Expensive Surgery with No Guarantees, Mom looked for Alternatives

Bad News for Cooper

We are a family of four. Our furriest member of the family is ten years old. His name is Cooper and he is our beloved Yellow Labrador.

About four years ago, Cooper started to hold his back leg up, and would not put pressure on it. He would limp and started to have a hard time getting up out of bed in the morning. We also noticed that he was having a hard time turning his neck and would whimper occasionally if he turned it wrong.

We took him to our trusted vet, He said that Cooper had a fully blown knee on one side and a slight tear in his ACL on the other knee. He also has arthritis in his back and neck which is why he was having a hard time turning his head.

We were beside ourselves. Cooper was only 6 years old and he was in such pain and would require not one, but two very painful surgeries that would require lengthy recovery time. He also would need to be on pain medication for the rest of his life for the arthritis. Not to mention Glucosamine pills.

A Friend Suggested Nzymes

…We were looking at very costly and extensive treatments. It was at that time a family friend recommended we try using Nzymes. Our first thought was, how was this going to solve a blown knee? But we were willing to give it a try.

OH MY GOD, this became our miracle! Within weeks Cooper was putting weight back on his hind leg. Within months he was back to going on walks with us, swimming in his pool and even jumping up to travel in the car. His arthritis symptoms diminished and he no longer needed pain medication.

Today, Cooper is 10 years old. He takes his Nzymes in powder form each night with his dinner, He has never had surgery and is healthy and happy.  (See Cooper – Enjoying the Outdoors & Favorite Activity)

I am not one to write reviews, but I know how much we all love our furry family members and just had to share our story. I am a true believer in these Nzymes and will be forever grateful to this company for giving us so many good years with our beloved Cooper. Thank you!

Dana Conrad
Temecula, CA

NOTE:  Though ACL and Knee injuries can be very troublesome, and recovery challenges are very high, you just never know – what the body of your dog can accomplish when given the right assistance.  Surely, if there is a complete tear or similar issue – surgery is something to be seriously considering.  But, many families just don’t have the resources to go forth with that.  Yet again, we are continually amazed by the stories and Reviews – as below – that occasionally come in.  Here, Cooper actually went for some years – with limping and difficulties, until circumstances brought Nzymes into the picture.  Dana and Cooper have been ‘happy campers’ ever since. Nzymes are about serious support for the body’s own Recovery capabilities. Though, braces or other paraphernalia may be wise during recovery. 

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