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Great Dane Juno Faced with Wobbler’s and Addison’s Challenge

We would like to thank the DuPaul family for sharing Juno’s story with us during our Recent Photo Contest. Wobbler’s is a condition that affects many Great Dane and Doberman pups. We are thrilled to know she is rebounding nicely and able to enjoy a happy life!

Our Great Dane, Juno

Juno is our miracle fur baby. She was always very shy and gentle. It actually took us 20 minutes to get her out from under the car the day we brought her home from the breeder. She is loving and beautiful and a fantastic companion for our kids.

We first knew something was wrong when she broke a toe at 8 months. Over the next 6 months, we discovered she has Wobbler’s disease or a similar neurological problem. She would yelp when she was held by her collar and had several episodes where she would go completely limp for a few minutes after a frightening event such as fireworks or hunters in the field. She was a bit of a mystery to our vets, but we decided that we were not going to put her through the spine surgery and just love her until she was in too much pain. We just love her that much

Addison’s Scare

In September of 2017, she almost died from an Addison’s crisis. She dropped to 79 lbs, had a GI bleed, and her body was failing her. The University of Minnesota and our local vets saved her life. She is now on steroids daily as well as a mineral-corticoid injection monthly. But the issue of her neurological problem was still present.

Seeking Answers

I found Nzymes online and I thought I would give it a try. Really, what did I have to lose? It’s unbelievable how this stuff works!!! No yelping, no episodes, no signs of pain! She still turns her feet under and is not sure of her footing when she runs fast, but she is DEFINITELY getting some results from these Granules, she plays, takes walks, and wags her tail A LOT! She gets a teaspoon with both meals every day!

I can’t thank you enough for helping us not only prolong her life but give her a much greater quality of life! Long live Juno!!!!

Stephanie Dupaul
Minnesota, USA

Product Used in Juno’s Story

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