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Great Dane Challenges: Wobblers, Paralysis, Jaw Surgery


Using Nzymes for Wobblers

Zelda Mae, our 4-1/2-year-old blue Great Dane, was diagnosed in May with Cervical Vertebrae Instability or Wobblers. She was in extreme discomfort, which was being managed through steroid injections and now she’s taking Prednisone. She experienced severe discomfort in her neck that nearly left her paralyzed. Treatment also included a neck brace.

Your product was referred to us as possible help for Zelda. After one week of taking three Nzymes® per day, Zelda has had no further discomfort in her neck and so I have permanently taken her off the steroids and Prednisone.

Unfortunately, a side effect of the medication she was taking left her immune system at risk and she developed a problematic growth in her mouth. Now, we had the tough decision to make. Either put Zelda down or have a mandibulectomy performed on her lower jaw. If the growth were left alone, it would have killed her. Zelda Mae was only 4-1/2 years old and we thought she at least deserved a chance.

Jaw Surgery

In June our vets removed nearly 3 inches of her lower jaw. No other dogs in Juneau, Alaska, where we live, have had this done, so there was nobody to talk to who had gone through it with their dog. But our vets had performed the surgery many years ago on a dog and after much research on our parts; we decided to have the surgery done.

After seeing how Zelda’s discomfort had improved on the Nzymes®, we had made sure to double the usage, both prior-to and after the surgery to assist in the healing process, as suggested on the bottle.



Now, about 5 weeks after the surgery, her recovery has been nothing less than amazing. When her stitches were removed, the vets were amazed at how quickly she bounced back. She was eating solid food 2 weeks after the surgery, something nobody expected her to be able to do for at least 6 to 8 weeks.


We were skeptical before starting her on the Nzymes® in April (after being diagnosed with the Wobblers), but now we’re convinced that the Nzymes® played a big role in her rapid recovery from such a radical surgery.

Because of her large jowls, it’s hard to even tell Zelda doesn’t have much of a lower jaw in these pictures! She’s again a happy, goofy, although a bit more drooly, Great Dane who we hope is with us for many more years.

Linda Smith – Juneau, AK

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