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Brutus, a Mixed-Breed Challenged by Cervical Spine Injury & Paralysis

Our Brutus has always been a very active dog. He does not know he is a relatively small dog. He is very affectionate and friendly to all humans but definitely wants to be the only dog in our home yard. Unfortunately, we do not have a fence, so he was always tied up when outside. We had always used a standard collar and attached a lead that would allow him about 25 feet to roam in our back yard.

Over the years, an opossum and a snake wandered into his range and he killed them both! He would often run full out to the end of the lead and snap backward at the end of the leash. Ouch! The day before the problem with his inability to use his front legs, a female Husky wandered into the yard and I admit that I probably brutus_preece2pulled him too hard to keep them from fighting. They actually just sniffed each other and I worried for nothing. However, during the night he was whining and that is not something he does. In the early morning, we saw him trying to come down the hallway by only using his hind legs.

The veterinarian diagnosed an injury to his cervical spine and he was given steroids and antibiotics. The veterinarian told us to keep him caged and carry him to do his business. He also told us if he did not get better with the medications that surgery would be very expensive. Money is not something that we have a lot of, so we did everything he told us to do. And we prayed.

After a couple of weeks, he was not getting any better and I did research on the internet and discovered Nzymes.COM. After about abrutus_preece1 week of taking the Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats, we noticed him trying to stand up. In another week he could take a few steps. The hardest part then was keeping him quiet. We continued Nzymes® and were thrilled when he was able to walk by the third week.

My husband built him a “handicap ramp” so he could better deal with the 2 steps at the door to the backyard. It has been about 11 months since Brutus was diagnosed with the spine injury. Our veterinarian was very pleasantly surprised at his steady recovery. Within 2 weeks after starting Nzymes® (it appeared that) Brutus was not in as much pain and by 3 weeks he was walking!

Now, about 11 months later, he is back to his normal self. He is able to jump up onto our bed again. That makes him very happy. He will always get a daily Nzymes® Treat and he will never, ever wear a neck collar again. We now use a halter. We are forever thankful for Nzymes®.

I work at home and he is always with me. He is my very best friend. I could not stand seeing him in pain. He is back to “protecting” his territory. Thank you Nzymes® for giving me my baby boy back!

Dan and Cheryl Preece
Jackson, MI

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