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Sudden Onset Paralysis Turned Around with Nzymes


Chocolate Lab walks again

Midas Stopped Walking

I wish I had taken videos of our Midas. Only then could you truly see how remarkable this stuff is. I am not being paid to write this. In fact I seldom write reviews about anything. I do however read them religiously before buying anything. The reviews are what get me to buy. –My apologies for being long winded.

Midas is our 9 year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Like everyone else out there with a four legged family member – he is our whole world. He was an active hunter – so he thought. Chasing red squirrels in the back yard and trying to catch fish in our back pond. Over the course of a month he just stopped walking. He could not hold himself up and balance was almost non-existent. The veterinarians at first thought it was Myasthenia Gravis. It took ten days to get the results back and during this time they had him on Gabapentin and Prednisone. The Prednisone was the worst thing for him. He had such terrible side effects. Urinating in his bed, panting excessively and his standing was even worse – if that was possible.

Uncertain Test Results

The results came back negative for the Myasthenia Gravis. We were relieved about that but were no closer to learning what he had. We were referred to a neurologist.

Midas was now worse off. He could not lift his head and was in pain. After another set of tests and examinations it was determined that he either has Wobblers Disease or a disc issue in his neck. The only way to know for certain and treat him was to do a $4,000 MRI. If it was a disc issue it would be another $6,000-$8,000 surgery to correct the matter. If it was Wobblers they could only treat the symptoms – they could not cure Midas. We were devastated. It was so very difficult to see our once energetic lab reduced to an invalid. We now had to use special harnesses to even lift him to go outside. It was just sad – tearful even.

GP and GP1 combo


Searching for Answers

On Friday late afternoon, July 24th; I found Nzymes through a random Google search. Looking for any possible relief assistance we could get for Midas. I read and kept reading the reviews. Soooo many positive stories about this stuff; it had to be a scam; right? I figured for the $48 cost it was worth a shot to try it. If nothing else – it was far better than making an immediate $10,000 decision.

I purchased a bag of the Nzymes Granules immediately. I completed a questionnaire at the end of my purchase asking why I needed the Nzymes and general other information about my dog.

A Pleasant Surprise

Shortly thereafter – the same day – I received an email from Kara at Nzymes. She was a real person! This was so unexpected. Never has a company reached out to me after purchasing anything. She went into specifics about the product and felt very confident that it could help Midas. Given Midas’ condition was so bad; she suggested I start with a double dose to get him going.

It is now 21 days later. We are very pleased to announce that Midas captured his first red squirrel in almost 7 months! While we sort of felt bad for the squirrel we were elated over our 9 year being the tough guy again! It was such a moment. We cannot even begin to tell you all of the improvements he has made. He can navigate the six steps in our backyard and is slowly starting to walk on hardwood floors again. 

Kara Gardiner

Walking, Hunting Again!

He still has a bit of a slope to his walk. His back left leg turns in and makes him walk pigeon toed. But the greatest thing is HE IS WALKING. HE IS TRYING TO RUN. HE IS GOING UP AND DOWN STEPS. HE IS HUNTING SQUIRRELS!!


chocolate lab paralysis

Happy Ending

Kara explained a little bit on how this stuff works. We can unequivocally attest that it does WORK! The greatest thing is seeing our fella back to almost 100% (He is probably an 85% now.) The next greatest thing . . . . . we did not have to pay $10,000 to get him back. This truly is a life saver for Midas. We cannot thank the Nzymes family enough. You guys are the best!! Product, service, communication – no one does it better!
For those of you on the fence – just buy it already. You will be happily amazed!

C. Howard
Manchester, NH

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