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Aging Dogs Help

Common Symptoms of Aging in Dogs

  • A general slowdown, loss of energy, vitality
  • Changes in the sleep routine, restlessness or pacing at night
  • Increased barking and vocalization.
  • Repeated or habitual behaviors.
  • Fear of known people or objects.
  • Forgetting familiar commands
  • Urinary accidents, soiling
  • Heightened anxiety
  • Vision problems, cataracts, blindness
  • Poor oral health, bad breath, bloody gums
  • Lumps, bumps and different skin problems
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Difficulty playing and moving around
  • Behavior and memory problems.
Senior Golden Retriever with Aging Problems

Recognizing the Signs

Recognizing the signs of aging problems in dogs is one of those unavoidable parts of life we all wish we could better manage. For your precious dog, getting older is not a lot different than it is for people. Take a look at the list of common symptoms above to see the diverse signs you might see with your dog as they age. However, people age differently than dogs.

As people age, they tend to stop activities and talk about their problems. However, a dog still wants to please you and participate with the family as well. Too often, aging dogs are just left alone to lay around. Sure we talk to them and pet them, but they become forgotten when they cannot move around freely and be seen and played with regularly. They genuinely miss participation from family members.

Older dog showing signs of aging problems

Aging is Different in All Breeds and Sizes of Dogs

There are several factors that determine the longevity of dogs, including size, breed, and the general health of the animal. These factors can help answer the questions on most dog owner’s minds: How long do dogs live?

  • For large and giant breeds, aging issues begin to show as soon as 5-8 years.
  • For medium breeds, life expectancy generally ranges from 10 to 13 years.
  • For small breeds, life expectancy averages 12 to 17 years. 

You can learn more about the ages of dog breeds at the AKC website
How Long Do Dogs Live?

American Kennel Club

Let Nzymes Products Help Ease Aging Issues

What you may like to see is some way to extend the active and happy portion of your dog’s life and ward off some of those surprise illness symptoms. Wouldn’t it be better if that could be accomplished naturally, with the least possible use of medications? The Nzymes® line of natural products can be instrumental in supporting your dog’s health and vitality, energy, joint health, digestive health and more!

Next to Nzymes® super-food supplementation, the most important thing you can do to support the health of your dog is to provide him with a quality food. At Nzymes, we don’t sell pet foods, we make pet foods work better!  After more than 20 years we have compiled a list of pet foods (see below) that we feel are better quality, more complete and lastly, provide less sources of sugar as ingredients.

Feeding better food will mean steering away from the typical industry brands of pet foods found in supermarkets and large pet food retailers.  These pet foods, are laden with poor ingredients, food coloring’s, and chemical additives. They commonly utilize meat substitutes rather than true meat meals. It’s not what people would feed if they really knew what was in the pet’s food. For a real eye-opener on the dangers and deficiencies of mainline pet foods, please review the following Article ~ What’s Really in Pet Foods

For our listing of more appropriate, premium quality foods, please click here.

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