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Oso, a Samoyed Troubled by Nerve Disease (Degenerative Myelopathy)

Degenerative Myleopathy dog

At about 11 years old, I began noticing that Oso, our Samoyed, would sometimes “knuckle over” with his back toes while walking. This progressed and after a while developed into a loss of coordination or collapse of his back end altogether.

I thought it might be a hip problem and so I took him to the vet but while they couldn’t give me any clear answers about what it was, they said it was not dysplasia. The condition progressively got worse.

If he had laid down on the hardwood floor, he could not get up, he could no longer climb stairs, he was listless and having trouble even walking the short distance from his bed to his food dish. His back end had atrophied terribly. All the muscle mass just wasted away until his front end was normal and he disappeared almost nothing but skin and bones in the back end.


Fearing the Worst

I had decided in June that Oso would probably need to be put down before the end of the summer. We went to a holistic vet who told us it was probably degenerative myelopathy.

With the help of several herbal supplements, we started to see some improvement in Oso but only about 10%-15% and he was still listless and depressed. Then we introduced the Nzymes® Sprouted Granules into his diet and, Voila! He still cannot climb the stairs but he literally bounds up his ramp to come inside for breakfast. His personality had changed, however, and once again, he has an opinion about everything, he plays with his toys and has lots of his old energy back

Degenerative Myleopathy dog

I would say the improvement we’ve seen is about 50%-60%. He’s still an old man and I don’t expect him to be running around like a puppy but the degeneration seems to have halted, he’s walking and moving well, he’s getting some muscle tone back, and his attitude and energy are back to 100%. I would (and do!) recommend these Nzymes® products to anyone.

S Van Dyke – OR

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