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This Poor Boxer was Plagued by Health Issues…

Indigestion, Seizures, Allergies, Myelopathy, Spondylosis, Dysplasia, Arthritis


Here is Marlon’s Story

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Nzymes is a miracle for my boy, Marlon!

We’ve been through a lot in our short 6 years together now. He’s always had some issues that I thought were related to digestion. Ever burped a puppy? I have. If I didn’t, he puked. Even though I did, he still puked regularly. His issues were sometimes severe. The emergency vet staff knew his sign language because he was there so often! The vet told me straight out that this pup had a poor immune system. One vet, who we only saw once, told me I couldn’t spend my life trying to save this dog. I heard similar from other vets as well, but most were thoughtful and kind about it at least.

So Many Issues

First it was puking, then seizures, then allergies, then life-threatening allergies. One time at night in the backyard we think he got bit by a bug. His face swelled so bad that his eyes were swelled shut (now he was both deaf and couldn’t see) and the pores actually opened up and blood droplets were seeping down his face. Another time he had anaphylactic shock. He was only 2 years old then. Thankfully, the vet and vet staff were able to save him through those issues. Problem was, I couldn’t figure out how to fix them!

Fast forward through the years and we had seen at least 10-15 different vets near us and spoken with at least 5 more all across the country. Most tests were inconclusive. We went holistic when he was 2 years old, but it still wasn’t enough. We changed foods regularly and tried supplement after supplement. Thyroid meds looked horrible for him, although he tested low thyroid. Raw food and a few supplements seemed to make him at least more stable. Nupafeed Calm Dog Liquid Magnesium stopped his seizures instantly. MSM or ACV helped his digestion a bit. Benadryl could handle most of his bug bite allergies. I feared that was probably as good as it was going to get.

Then at 5 years old his back end started to atrophy. I couldn’t tell exactly what from but I could see it happening. Sometimes his back end would just fall over as he walked. He could no longer do stairs. Watching videos on the internet I was devastated to see other dogs walking the same way having Degenerative Myelopathy. DM kind of fit him; he never right sided his paws if they were upside down, not even as a puppy, he never yelped in pain, always walked bowlegged and hobbled a bit, etc. The vet diagnosed him with severe spondylosis and arthritis, mild hip dysplasia, and deformed back knees (bulldog back knee issues). They said they didn’t see DM at that moment in time and likely wouldn’t until it was too late. They recommended approx $15k in surgery with a year recovery. I knew he couldn’t make it through that, even if I had the money. Plus, I don’t think a year recovery is fair for a dog. We tried more supplements, chiropractic, acupuncture, knee and hip braces, etc. Nothing was working.

I Needed a Miracle

I cried and cried and cried knowing I was finally going to have to give up on my boy! He was getting sad and losing his spirit, and I was having a hard time helping him up the stairs and lifting him in and out of the car. Somewhere in all those tears I finally asked God for help. Marlon was only 5 years old! And suddenly the next day online I saw Nzymes ads everywhere!?!?! I asked a question online and they called me and talked with me and told me to give Nzymes a try. Am I ever glad I did!

On Nzymes Marlon was showing improvement within a few days!! He did get rashy skin in some spots (a detox side effect), but he was walking better! After a week or so I was feeling better too, watching his condition improve. After 2 weeks I was a true believer!

I call this chapter of my life “to save the white boxer”. I’ve been trying to save him for his entire 6 years. He’s such a goofy, lovable, over-sized lap dog. I wasn’t giving up on him until he gave up, and even then I tried one more thing, Nzymes!

Nzymes is one of the cheapest supplements I’ve ever tried for him and by far the most effective! He’s off of all other supplements now! I do still carry Benadryl and Liquid Magnesium for emergencies, but so far I haven’t needed them!

Thank you to God for the help and Nzymes for making a great product that saved my boxer boy! I just wish I had found your products and information sooner!

L. Swanson
Champlin, MN

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