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Copper’s Issues:  Vaccine Reactions, Limping, Lethargy

Vaccine Reaction in dog

We got Copper on May 3rd from the Irvine Animal Care Center. They estimated that Copper was two years old. On April 30th, he had been given the following vaccinations/medications:

• DHLPP • Corona • Bordetella • Rabies Vaccine • Pyrantel • Capstar

He was also neutered on May 2nd. Then we went to see our new veterinarian on or about May 9th. She recommended that Copper have puppy shots because she didn’t know if she had them as a puppy. The vet diagnosed that Copper had a kennel cough, and the vet said that she would give him the puppy shots after he was better.

So, on May 28th, Copper received the following from the vet:

• DA2PPC Booster • Bordetella Booster • Avid Microchip Implant • Giardia Booster • Sentinel 26-50#

Two days later, on May 30th, we noticed that Copper started limping. And as the day went on, he became very lethargic. That same evening at about 7 PM, we noticed that Copper was shivering and not moving. He also had extreme swelling in his right front leg. I then called my vet and she wasn’t in. I was referred to an emergency vet some distance away, but I didn’t take him immediately to the emergency vet.

Instead, I wanted to wait an hour until my husband got home because I needed help with our younger kids. I had just received my order of Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats and Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops in the mail and read in the guidelines that these products naturally help support immune and digestive health. So I decided to administer the Ox-E-Drops and feed the Treats to Copper.

I used 3 ccs of distilled water with 5 drops of Ox-E-Drops, and FROM THAT MIXTURE I gave 3 ccs of the solution in an oral syringe to Copper every 15 minutes for the first two hours. In just two hours Copper was like a new dog! I then gave him 3 ccs every half hour for the third hour, and 3 ccs for the fourth hour. By the next day, he was fine and only had a little swelling in his right front leg. An amazing recovery, to be sure! And we never needed to go to the emergency vet.

Praise God for the Nzymes®, and that Copper is doing fine now. We’ll be sending a picture in the next few weeks.

Jane Alexander – Tustin, CA

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