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Severe Dog Arthritis, Spinal Decay


Submittal Date:  May 31, 2021
Pet Name:  SUNNA
Pet Breed:  German Shorthair/Dalmatian Mix
Age & Weight:  11.5 years,  50 Lbs.
Gender:  Female
Diagnosis:  Arthritis, Severe Spinal Arthritis & Fusion
Status:  DEVELOPING STORY, awaiting the outcome

Spinal Arthritis Dog Recovers; Meet Sunna

The Vet Diagnosed My Dog with Severe Spinal Arthritis

On Mother’s Day, May 9, 2021, Sunna started having trouble walking, stumbling on steps, wobbling. She got steadily worse, losing control of her hind legs. We saw the vet, and x-rays showed dog with severe spinal arthritis to recover. Most of her spine fused with probable nerve damage. They prescribed pain medications and then suggested euthanasia. I was shocked, I’ve had Sunna since she was four months old, and she has always been super active, high-energy, and happy.

I Found Nzymes® While Searching the Internet

I began searching the internet for for something that could help my dog with severe spinal arthritis to recover. Somehow that day I noticed Nzymes® on my computer, and I followed the links.Their site sounded good and the mobility videos impressed me, but I was skeptical. I ordered the Nzymes TREATS on May 17, 2021 and made the post office staff mad at me for pounding on their door after hours to pick it up on May 20. I didn’t want to waste a day. By the time I started her on Nzymes, Sunna could not walk – at all – on her own; As shown in her recovery video, I used a sling to help raise her hind legs as sometimes with the severe spinal arthritis she would just drag on the toes, and get crossed up. Also, she wasn’t drinking water, so I had to force water into her mouth. It seemed hopeless.

Nzymes Product Arrived – May 20th

On day 8, she showed more energy and walked a little bit better. On day 9, she sat in the yard and watched while I was working. Suddenly she got up and ran out of the yard, down the driveway, and the road for about 150 feet. She was galloping! I couldn’t believe it!  Since then, I’ve let her walk more on her own. I let her off the leash while in our yard, so there would be no more runs down the road! She is still pretty shaky and needs help getting up. But she is dragging her feet less and able to walk a much greater distance without assistance. 

Today, day 11, we started prednisone. I figure the Nzymes® will help her body deal with the steroids while they do their thing to help reduce the inflammation. I can hardly believe the miracle that is happening. I’m so hopeful for the future after witnessing my dog with severe spinal arthritis recover! Wait until you see day 12 and day 21 on the Video.

Thank you, Nzymes,
Ann Palmer – Lopez Island, WA

Video History of Sunna’s Spinal Recovery on Nzymes

Products Involved with Sunna’s Progress